Top Ten Lists

In honor of Lynn Herring's birthday on 9/22 we have written a special Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons We Love Lucy

10) Her vivid imagination
 9) She has a good relationship with food
 8) She knows Dewey Decimal system backward & forward
 7) Absolutely sparkles whenever she lies through her
 6) She takes great pleasure in the little things, like:
    throwing away Katy Bell's lipstick, songs from Wizard of
    Oz, picnics, cappucino muffins, high pressure jets.....
 5) Doesn't mention Dom and Serena nearly as much
 4) Got a lot out of therapy
 3) Psychic connection to audience; always says what we want
    to say
 2) She is the Queen of Bad!
And the number one reason we love Lucy:
 1) She can wrap Kevin, or any other man, around her little
"Nobody's perfect." -- Lucy Coe
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