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Top Ten Things You Should Know About Reginald

10) I like Pineapple on my Pizza
 9) I do all the floral arrangements for the mansion (Lila
    just puts in the last flower)
 8) I go cruisin' for babes with the Quartermaine Limo
 7) I own every Mel Torme album ever made
 6) I'm preparing to talk to a publisher about my tell-all
    book re: the Quartermaines
 5) Two words: psychic powers
 4) I'm not actually Jennings nephew (just as Tracy
    suspected!) Really a WSB agent trained in Tibet and sent
    to Port Charles to counter plans laid by the mysterious
    criminal mastermind behind the scenes in Port Chuck.
    Missed WSB course on "blending in".  Expert in jujitsu,
    firearms and croissants.
 3) Degree in astrophysics
 2) Plotting Katy Bell's grisly death
And the number one thing you should know about Reginald
 1) The reason I wear suspenders... to keep my pants up,
    of course
"Oh, boy. This staff must be ever so fond of you." -- Lucy Coe
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