Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Lois Might Do Now That She Knows Neddie's Real Identity

10) Check over that pre-nuptial agreement
 9) Serve him a plate of stuffed toadstools
 8) Discuss changing his singing soprano
 7) Give Dad hunting rifle for his birthday and then tell
    him about Ned
 6) Move into Quartermaine mansion, put her feet up on the
    coffee table and tell Reginald to bring her a beer in
    their finest crystal
 5) Release CD with his face clearly displayed, dimples and
 4) Tell Ned the real story.  She's actually the heiress to
    a Breakfast Cereal empire.  She hired actors to play her
    family and wanted the pre-nup to protect her fortune
 3) Ask Sonny to put her in touch with somebody that can
    take care of a little "problem" for her
 2) Stop calling Brenda girlfriend
And the number one thing Lois might do now that she knows
Neddie's real identity:
 1) Celebrate: now free to date Tony "party animal" Jones
"My heart is breaking into a million pieces" -- Lois Cerullo
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