Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Annoying Things About Working For The Quartermaines

10) Edward still gets my name wrong half the time  (Ralph,
    Rudy, Roderick, Rapunzel, Annabelle)
 9) Monica; complain, complain, complain and really sucking
    down the champagne lately too
 8) Jason: Has already changed water into wine and walked
    across the swimming pool.  I'm alarmed about what this
    might be leading to
 7) Alan; keeps digging graves in the garden and telling me
    it's the Panama Canal
 6) Lila always asking me if I can obtain a lid of marijauna
    for her
 5) Ned starting to hide behind me whenever Katy comes into
    the room
 4) Annabelle eats better than I do
 3) A.J. insists on addressing me as "my man!"
 2) Brenda and Lois flouncing around in those skimpy outfits
    have made me drop the tea service at least three times.
    (Afraid Sonny might catch me drooling over "his Woman")
And the number one annoying thing about working for the
 1) Still desperately miss Tracy's sunny disposition and
    gentle aura
"Reginald, I'd like to have coffee on the veranda this morning." -- Lila Quartermaine
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