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Top Ten Reasons Sonny Might Seek Kevin's Professional Help

10) Overwhelming urges to Mambo
 9) Has strange feeling he's being followed by a giant
 8) Doubting his sexuality
 7) The Baseball strike
 6) Nightmares about Karen and the Pole
 5) Sometimes imagines he's only a character in a soap opera
 4) Lois reminds him of the bad old days in Brooklyn
 3) Luke jokingly recommends Kevin
 2) A tad upset after shooting, stabbing, strangling,
    suffocating and bludgeoning to death Miguel Morez
    (and there was much rejoicing *yay*)
And the number one reason Sonny might seek Kevin's
professional help:
 1) Brenda
"You call that dancing?" Sonny Corinthos (voicing a valid artistic criticism)
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