Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Characters That Need To Be Aopted As FGCs And Some Sample Defenses

10) Mary Mae Ward (The Mae Mae Monster, Yo Mama): Actually
    might be pretty cool, especially if she did bury Bradley
    in her rose garden
 9) Sean Donely (Java-Man, Porky, Mr. Tiffany Hill): Must
    surely be up to some briliant criminal plan; can't be as
    incompetent as he appears
 8) Alan Quartermaine (The Killer Q, Mr. Short Attention
    Span, Dr. Clueless): Sure, he's got the common sense of
    a surgical sponge, but he brings home a big paycheck and
    apologizes with extravagant gifts
 7) Ruby Anderson (Madame X, The Stud Collector): Always
    gives bad advice, but she doesn't fool around when she
    makes that chili hot
 6) Councilman Blake (Blake-On-The-Take): How's a councilman
    supposed to get by if doesn't take bribes. (Somebody
    better take him quick because he might not last long)
 5) Marco Dane (Motormouth, The Soap Fugitve, Snakeskin,
    Doc Mario) Was the smartest man in Port Charles, until
    he sensibly and quietly left town months ago
 4) Lee Baldwin (The Legal Eagle, Twiglet Man): He is the Q
    lawyer, but he was not involved with any nefarious
    goings on twenty years ago.  He was far too busy with
    Meg and Scotty and other visually documented activities
 3) Miguel Morez (Menudo Man, Monkey Boy, Hairball, The
    Fantastic Mr. Spastic): Mercifully unable to generate
    sparks with Brenda.  Hand gestures not as severely
    pronounced as Julio Iglesias.  As far as we know, had
    nothing to do with the tragic iguana smuggling incident
    in Puerto Rico a few years back
 2) Bobbie Spencer Jones (The Bulwark, Nurse Silly, Boobie,
    That stupid 'ho): She's not a 'ho.  She gives it away
And the number one character that needs to be adopted as an
 1) Officer Rick (Rambo) Johnson: Nearly stopped the escape
    of Frank Smith.  Almost thought there was something
    fishy about Damian when he stole the evidence right out
    from under their noses.  Busted Tiffany for
    prostitution.  Keeping the road clear of Sean's
    extended family.  A genuine hero
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