Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things I, Reginald, Absolutely Refuse To Do For The Quartermaines

10) Try on wigs for Monica
 9) Set mousetraps (I draw the line at mice...and worms
    ...and ducks ...and....)
 8) Take collect calls from Tracy
 7) Let A.J. Practice his stand-up routine on me
 6) Give Annabelle's illegitmate puppies a name
 5) Help Alan bury bodies in our rose garden
 4) Go close enough to the gatehouse to hear Miguel singing
 3) If Jason asks, lie down in front of the bulldozers
    preparing to level Charles Street for the toxic
    incinerator, and then go to the corner pub with a chap
    from Betelgeus, and hitch a ride on a Vogon space ship
 2) Reveal Cook's true identity
And the number one thing I, Reginald, absolutely refuse to
do for the Quartermaine's
 1) Confess to Bradley Ward's murder
"Please don't ask me to compromise my fundamental principles." -- Reginald Jennings
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