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Top Ten Reasons General Hospital Is Such A Wonderful Christmas Gift This Year

10) Just seems that way in comparison to DOOL
 9) Those loveable mutts
 8) Towels now in fashion
 7) No more Evil Frank Smith Organization; replaced
    by Nice Sonny Corinthos/Damian Smith Organization
 6) Miguel/Lily/Offspring storyline mercifully shortlived
 5) Ultimately, at last, finally, about time, we already
    knew that, what took you so long to mention it, Mary
    Mae has revealed that Edward is Bradley's father. Heh,
    heh, heh, now maybe we'll get to see the Ward's eaten
    alive at a Quartermaine Christmas gathering.
 4) Ned's upcoming tour and his reuniting with the fair
 3) Kevin just at the beginning of his storyline.  Ooodles
    of fun to come, with Lucy, Grace and soon..... Ryan!
 2) Reginald now eligible to play; possibilities endless
And the number one reason General Hospital is such a
wonderful Christmas gift this year:
 1) Easy to wrap
"That big one is from me." -- Kevin Collins
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