Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Kevin Hates About The Holidays

10) Allergic to egg nog
 9) Left his Christmas Stocking in Switzerland
 8) Mac really hard to shop for; couldn't find a good
    boomerang anywhere
 7) Big plastic Santa keeps tumbling off the lighthouse
 6) Pyschiatric workload increases a hundredfold during the
    holiday season
 5) Found out Lucy's getting him a "Mother Nature's Own
    Garbage Disposal" for Christmas
 4) All those polite requests about if there's any receipts
    for the paintings he's given as gifts
 3) Steve actually requires him to attend the General
    Hospital Christmas Party
 2) Has to cancel parachute jump he planned for Felicia's
    Christmas present
And the number one thing Kevin hates about the holidays:
 1) Fruitcake
"That's enough!" -- Kevin Collins
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