Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways To Make Sure Kevin Gets More Than A Minute of Airtime A Week

10) Bribe the Producers
 9) Have Miguel mysteriously eaten by sharks; leaving more
    screen time for everyone else
 8) Make him psychiatric consultant for the new Sonny/Damian
    Nice Mob Organization
 7) Let him fall asleep on the couch
 6) Have Lucy return from Puerto Rico for some private
    ...confidential ...intimate therapy
 5) Repeat over and over: I do believe in Kevin; I do
    believe in Kevin; I do believe in Kevin....
 4) Two words: A Towel
 3) Forget to set the timer, or forget to put in the tape,
    or have a power outage, or an O.J. preempt, or...
 2) Bring Ryan back
And the number one way to make sure Kevin gets more than a
minute of airtime a week:
 1) Get him a contract with L&B Records
"I had surmised as much." -- Kevin Collins
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