Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Most Improved Characters In The Last Year Or So

(Since The Advent Of The New Writers)
10) Justus - Bought a sense of humor
 9) Tony - Went from being invisible to being abjectly
 8) Mary Mae - Stopped telling those stories to Laura.
    Got real quiet
 7) Edward - Went from annoying blusterer to sympathetic
    human being... sorta
 6) Lucy - Was pregnant and shrill and made silly bets.
    Became cute, cuddly and received a gift wrapped
    conscience from Kevin
 5) Reginald - Was background scenery.  Became the
    unlikeliest potential murderer in PC history
 4) Kevin - Was a pompous overeducated europhile (with
    and Oregon accent).  Loosened up, thanks to the
    irrepressible Miss Lucy
 3) Katy Bell - Was a boring, sappy, unconvincing twit.
    MBE finally got the idea that this is supposed to be
    fun, and Katy is now an over-the-top bitch, whom we want
    to see get a complicated comeuppance, rather than simply
    get hit by a truck
 2) Sonny - Was a one dimensional sleaze, now a multi
    -faceted studmuffin (with problems and "connections")
And the most improved character in the last year or so:
 1) Mac - What intelligent relative died and left him
    a brain?  He went from Neanderthal, to sensitive/
    perceptive guy. (And looks drop dead gorgeous in certain
    shades of green).  Too bad he's still brain dead when it
    comes to Robin
"At last; something we both agree on." -- Mac Scorpio
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