Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Have Been Bothering Garcia Lately

10) Sean trying to conserve energy; won't let him turn
    bright spotlight on suspects during interrogations
 9) District Attorney Schulz keeps coming down to the
    station, wanting to show people his briefs
 8) Sean informs him that he has to do security at the next
    Miguel Morez concert
 7) Terribly jealous of Sonny; secretly desires Brenda
 6) Every morning, same thing; help Sean find keys to undo
 5) Two words: caffeine withdrawal
 4) Tiffany keeps asking him to investigate her private
    dressing room
 3) Can't find Officer Johnson anywhere; too embarrassed to
    file missing persons report
 2) Sean insists that questioning actual suspects is a waste
    of time; also not fond of gathering clues.  Makes job
    really tough
And the number one thing that's been bothering Garcia
 1) The hair cut from HELL
"I don't want to offend you by using the wrong last name." -- Detective Alex Garcia
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