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We do this under duress, as you all know how much we *adore* Miguel, but we were unable to resist the challenge.

Top Ten Ways To Kill Off Miguel

10) Head explodes after being asked to memorize more than
    two lines of dialogue
 9) Lice
 8) Lily develops a Lorena Bobbit complex
 7) Trampled by adoring fans (Both of 'em)
 6) Tries one of his own drinks
 5) Tries one of Felicia's
 4) Tells Mac that he's making a mistake with the liquor
 3) Ryan meets him and sees an opportunity to once again
    serve mankind
 2) Bobbie fired from General Hospital.  Goes on psycho
    killing spree.  Stabs Miguel in Kelly's Diner.  Lily
    blasts her with a twelve-guage.  Port Charles rejoices!
And the number one way to kill off Miguel:
 1) Singing in the shower; drowns
"You don't listen to me." -- Miguel
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