Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Damian and Katherine Can Occupy All That Spare Time They've Got

10) Start a new line of kinky designer gifts
 9) Practice evil laughter
 8) Sex
 7) Correspondence Courses in Oral Hygiene
 6) O.J. gavel to gavel
 5) Origami
 4) More sex
 3) Make elaborate plan to exact revenge on the
    Quartermaines, Spencers and Port Charles in general,
    involving caviar, handcuffs, a rice picker, the EPA
    Hilary Clinton, and a shrubbery.  Forget plan on the
    way to the Outback.  Curses foiled again!
 2) Sign on to a computer net
And the number one way Damian and Katherine can occupy all
that spare time they've got:
 1) Sex and a variety of rich desserts
"If Mac had a bigger bank account, I'd be worried." -- Damian
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