Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Days Crossovers on General Hospital

                    General Hospital   Days of Our Lives
10) Genie Francis   Laura Spencer      Diana Colville
 9) Wally Kurth     Ned Ashton         Justin Kiriakis
 8) Jane Elliot     Tracy Quartemaine  Angelica Devereaux
 9) Judith Chapman  Ginny Webber       Angelica Devereaux
 8) Mary Beth Evans Katherine Bell     Kayla Brady Johnson
 7) Shelly Curtis   Producer           Producer/Director
 6) Lynn Herring    Lucy Coe           Lisanne
 5) Thaao Phenglis  Victor Cassidine   Count Antony DiMera
 4) Marty Davich    Original Music     Marty - Piano player
 3) Felecia Bell    Simone Hardy       D.A. Lady/Abe's S.O.?
 2) David Wallace   Tom Hardy          Todd Chandler
And the number one DOOL/GH Crossover
 1) Matthew Ashford Future Tom Hardy   Jack Devereaux
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