Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We'll Miss About Sean Donely

10) That superior smirk
 9) The coffee stained decanters and empty sugar packets
 8) The hilarious practical jokes he pulls on Officer
 7) The way he would question interesting suspects
    who had nothing to do with the crimes
 6) Fascinating childhood stories about dolls
 5) His willingness to cut Robin some slack
 4) The cute way he calls Felicia, 'Princess'
 3) His 'no blood, no foul' method of police work
 2) How he pardons people he sleeps with
And the number one thing will miss about Sean Donely
 1) Reginald was safe with Donely on the case
"I always get my man," Groucho Marx -- Horsefeathers

Top Ten Things We'll Miss About Tiffany

10) Inaccurate reporting
 9) Reminiscences about her old porno flicks
 8) She kind of reminds us of the good old Ice Princess days
 7) Shoulder pads
 6) The way she got away with wearing that sickly lime green
 5) Her 'in your face' interview techniques
 4) No one does catatonia better
 3) Her womanly advice to Robin. ("Men, don't know what's
    going on, honey.")
 2) That charming Tennessee accent
And the number one thing we'll miss about Tiffany
 1) That famous Elsie Mae Crumholtz moonshine
"I held him in my arms and kissed him," Margaret Dumont "Oh, so it was murder," Groucho Marx -- Animal Crackers
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