Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Might Have Happened To That Duck

10) Sold to passing gypsies
 9) Lucas' new pet
 8) Devoured feathers and all by a ravenous Felicia
 7) Bobbie took it to the hospital lab to use for
 6) Carl at the Grill gave in and properly prepared the bird
    for the Jones family dinner
 5) Tony's adopted the duck and is keeping it in his
    apartment as a sympathetic companion
 4) Kevin went to the waterfront and set the duck free
 3) The duck escaped and valiantly found it's way back to
 2) Presently residing in Kevin's bathtub
And the number one thing that might have happened to that
 1) Sequestered as an alternate juror in the Edward
    Quartermaine murder trial
"What will the duck have to drink?" Dr. Tony Jones
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