Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Methods of The New Sonny/Damian Nice Mob

10) No swearing
 9) Annual tupperware party/picnic
 8) Compulsory attendance at ice capades
 7) Not allowed to spit on the sidewalks anymore
 6) Employing ex-prostitutes as back up singers at L&B
 5) Instead of horses' heads they leave little mints on
    your pillow
 4) They wipe their feet before they go in to bust up
    a joint
 3) Refer to Hit Men as Spirit Guides
 2) Never refer to Katy or Brenda as "dames" in their
And the number one method of the new Sonny/Damian Nice
 1) Color coordination
"I can run my father's organization, but do it my own way." -- Damian Smith
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