Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Bobbie and Alan Talk About

10) O.J.; What sport did he play?
 9) Monica; this cancer stuff is so morbid
 8) What a shame Models Inc. was cancelled
 7) Tony still has that control problem; thinks he can tell
    her who she should sleep with
 6) Alan gently suggests to Bobbie that Ruby's latest
    "Special" may be responsible for rash of ptomaine
    poisoning cases at GH
 5) Bobbie laments the fact that men aren't throwing
    themselves at her feet.  Alan misunderstands
    "throwing up on her feet?"
 4) Alan trying to claim Reginald as a dependent
 3) Fidelity: pros and cons
 2) Bobbie wondering if she should throw her hat in the ring
    for the Republican nomination
And the number one thing Bobbie and Alan talk about
 1) Their top ten favorite ways to try and kill people
"Attempted murder!" Alan Quartermaine
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