Top Ten Lists

Alan and Bobbie's Top Ten Favorite Anecdotes

10) The time Monica threw him out of the house and he
    had to go live at that hell hole they call Kelly's
 9) That little joke she played on Scott when she told him
    she was pregnant with his child
 8) Her lovely wedding to Tony; it's only the vows she
 7) The time Alan pretended to be dead and lost everything
 6) The time Bobbie pretended to be blind in order to lure
    that incredibly sexy Aussie into her bed
 5) His first wedding to Monica... and his second wedding
    to Monica... and his third wedding to Monica
 4) The first time Lucy slept with Bobbie's husband... and
    the second time Lucy slept with her husband... and the
    third time Lucy slept with her husband
 3) The time his mistress Susan was murdered by his mother's
 2) The time her abusive husband was murdered by her sister
    -in-law's stepfather's second wife
And Alan and Bobbie's number one favorite Anecdote:
 1) Malpractice Musings
"Lucy's up to her old tricks again." -- Bobbie Jones
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