Top Ten Lists

Luke's Top Ten Rejected Plans For The Scully Sting

10) Luke tells Scully that they're making a movie
    for "Funniest Home Videos" and he wants Scully
    to pretend to rob a bank.  They call Garcia and
    he's on hand to make the arrest
 9) Let Bobbie have her way with Scully
 8) Get Mike to taunt Scully by saying Joe's mother wore
    combat boots, hopefully resulting in assault with intent
    to kill.  Garcia is on hand to make the arrest
 7) Have Brenda pester him to reveal his true feelings
 6) Get the city council to make gambling illegal again and
    invite Joe to the backroom for a blackjack game.  They
    call Garcia and he's on hand to make the arrest
 5) Tell Officer Johnson Joe bit someone
 4) Slip a mickey into Joe's drink.  Once unconsious, strip
    him naked, take him to the apartment above Kelly's, put
    him in bed next to a sleeping Miguel and take many
    photos.  Threaten to show them to Garcia and PC Press
 3) Mike and Luke dress up as circus clowns with Norwegian
    accents and lure Scully into a warehouse full of
    illegally imported cuban cigars.  Janet Reno is on hand
    to storm the premises (with Garcia's assistance, of
 2) Hadn't quite worked all the details out, but this
    plan did include Sonny's uncanny imitation of Marlene
    Deitrich, a thermonuclear warhead and potatoes
And Luke's number one rejected plan for the Scully Sting
 1) Lucy could make yet another extension of the bet, laying
    a wager that Damian can't get Joe to sleep with him
"Why, yes! It's the bet with Damian! And the extension of the bet with Damian." -- Kevin Collins
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