Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Might Make Simone and Justus More Interesting

10) A conflict, a problem, something resembling a story
 9) ABC News Special Reports
 8) A drinking game.  Every time they're worried about
    somebody else's reaction to their romance, take a drink.
    Every time they say they're not worried about what
    people think, take a drink. (This game also works with
    Keesha and Jason)
 7) Justus inherits the cheating ways of his father and
 6) Revelation of Simone's involvement with a voodoo cult
 5) Silly string
 4) Turn down the volume and make up your own dialogue
 3) Tom comes home determined to win Simone back
 2) He can pretend he's on the Cosby show and she can
    pretend she's on Deep Space Nine
And the number one thing that might make Simone and Justus
more interesting
 1) S & M
"I love it when you say things like that." -- Justus Ward
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