Top Ten Lists

In the interests of fairness, we present the following derogatory nicknames for the characters more popular in the RATSA GH subjects.

Top Ten Derogatory Nicknames For Popular GH Characters

10) Ned = Weasel-Boy
 9) Lois = Lemming-Girl
 8) Brenda = Little Miss In Touch With My Feelings
 7) Sonny = Mr. Urban Angst
[The four above, as a group, can be degoratorily referred to
as "the invasion of the small dark people".]
 6) Tony = Brain-Boy
 5) Mac = Sheep-Boy
 4) Felicia = The Aztec Airhead
 3) Frisco = Mr. Counter Intelligence
 2) Lucy = Miss I believe everything Lizard-boy tells me
And the number one derogatory nickname for a popular
GH character:
 1) Kevin = Psychobabble-Boy
"I can't discuss that with you." -- Kevin Collins
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