Top Ten Lists

Lest someone think our list of derogatory nicknames is a sign of our negative outview, here's some positive things we have to say about characters that sometimes get trashed.

Top Ten Nice Things We Have To Say About GH's Less Popular Characters

10) Bobbie - Hair holds that particular color really
    well.  Should be nice 'n' easy spokesperson
 9) Justus Ward - Has some fine attributes...and he
    can act too.
 8) A.J. - Has a wonderful grasp of sarcasm
 7) Katherine - She's not Kayla
 6) Mary Mae - She's stopped telling those stories,
    and developed a great sense of humor. (WSB - Wild,
    Sexy, Black Man, indeed, ROTFL)
 5) Amy - Very nice to her male patients
 4) Simone - Very... inoffensive
 3) Damian - Has a really excellent... stick (Walking
    stick, that's what we meant, yeah.)
 2) Lily - Admire any character that has to go a normal
    job everyday, and whose car isn't always working.
    Refreshing change from folks who fly to Paris at the
    drop of a hat
And the number one nice thing we have to say about GH's
least popular character:
 1) Miguel - He's prime time material.  Some network
    producer ought to snap him up.... now!
"No, Lily, we're not who we thought we were." -- Miguel
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