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Top Ten Reasons Laura Threw Luke Out Of The House

10) Luke and his friends don't know how to "play nice"
 9) She finally figured out that it isn't just a bad hair
    day, his do is permanent
 8) He's a bad influence; caught him teaching Lucky how
    to overact
 7) Can't afford to feed him and Foster. One of 'em had to
 6) He forgot to bring a gift on the Anniversary of the
    First Time Someone Tried To Kill The Two Of Them
 5) Couldn't deal with him and Lucky's new hair-cut at the
    same time
 4) She suspects that it's not really Luke.  He and Bill
    Eckert were switched and she's been living with a
    neurotic stranger ever since
 3) She secretly wants to be free to pursue the ever
    -cheerful, Dr. Tony Jones
 2) Afraid he overheard the lullaby and might make her
    sing at his club
And the number one reason Laura Threw Luke Out Of The
 1) Spring Cleaning
"She asked me to leave." -- Luke
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