Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Harry (The Omniscient Harry; Praise be to Harry) Makes A Great Friend

10) He doesn't completely trust Luke
 9) He never says I told you so
 8) He gives good advice on how to run a club
 7) He doesn't try to steal other guys girlfriends
 6) He's willing to do all the real work
 5) He never gets too Sappy
 4) He knows all the waterfront buildings by their secret
 3) He doesn't expect his friends to pick up the tab for
 2) Not stupid enough to place himself in danger by
    participating in majorly dumb plans
And the number one reason Harry (The Omniscient Harry;
Praise be to Harry) makes a great friend:
 1) The best damn "Spirit Guide" the Nice Mob has
"I'll take care of it." -- Harry (The Omniscient Harry. Praise be to Harry.)
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