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Top Ten Reasons Damian Shouldn't Consult A Psychic

10) $3.98 a minute really adds up
 9) She could tell him that he and Bobbie really are
 8) May not be able to take the shock when he finds out
    Scott Baldwin is doing commercials for the phony
 7) Because Lucy already has her own psychic on Deception
    pay roll
 6) Might awaken his own psychic abilities and next time
    Katy's in a coma he'll be able to hear her
 5) With a name like Damian, the spirits are not going to
    be very sympathetic
 4) Dad just looking for a Medium
 3) Psychic could reveal his fate to him: Dumped by Katy for
    a bemused Mac; rejected by playmate, Lucy; drop kicked
    by Kevin; sneered at by Sonny; threatened pointlessly
    by Luke.  Finally he loses Daddy's millions in a high
    stakes game of "chutes and ladders" and ends up playing
    an oboe in the streets as passerby's drop coins in his
    beret.  And then things really get bad.... he's signed
    by L&B
 2) Might discover psychic bond between him and Sigmund
    too strong to break
And the number one reason Damian shouldn't consult a
 1) Common sense
"I can count to four." -- Damian Smith
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