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Top Ten Reasons Tom Hardy Is Not Going To Have An Easy Time In Port Charles

10) Dad Steve just gave away his job to Kevin. (The day he
    gets home; how's that for timing)
 9) Wife Simone just gave away Tom's other position to
    Justus.(Timing is everything, Tommy.  Work on it)
 8) Ex-one-night-stand Lucy is going to be too busy to
    even give him a second glance
 7) Tommy Jr. past the ballgame stage; wants to go to
    rap concerts
 6) Bobbie just itching to rent out that extra apartment
    at the Brownstone
 5) Felicia may confuse him with Frisco, sleep with him
    and then toss him out on his ear
 4) Justus may not look like a Quartermaine, but he's
    liable to start acting like one if Tom tries to
    win Simone back.  Watch out for falling roofs
 3) Audrey starting to have a problem remembering who
    this seldom-seen stanger is
 2) Will find that his role as good-white-boy-defying
    convention-to-marry-the-black-woman-he-loves, has
    been usurped by Jason
And the number one reason Tom Hardy is not going to have
an easy time in Port Charles:
 1) Critical shortage of available females in Port Chuckles
"I see you didn't waste anytime." -- Tom Hardy re: Simone (Who, when it comes to economical use of time, is an amateur compared to him.)
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