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Top Ten Metaphors For Life in Port Charles

10) Luke's leaky canoe - You always bail with the one you
 9) Lois' Cyclone - Life is a rollercoaster and Ned can
    make you hurl
 8) Katy's grocery store - Life is like a bowl of cherries,
    and strawberries, and chocolates, and spam, and anything
    else you can safely slip into your purse and get out of
    the store with
 7) Bobbie's little boat tied to the dock - Make the one
    you love seasick
 6) Brenda's shopping spree - Once you get it home you don't
    like it nearly as much
 5) Mac's anchor - When you're keeping someone from floating
    away, you get stuck in the mud
 4) Kevin's paintings - The weirder life is, the better
    (preferences for dullness notwithstanding)
 3) Mary Mae's storytime - Life is like one of those long
    stories where you go on and on and include minute
    details, like what color the wallpaper was or maybe
    the tune you were humming when you planted the azelias
    and by the time you've gotten through with it you've
    forgotten completely what the point was
 2) Tony's brand-name cereal box -  Expect to pay a high
    price and receive very little substance or nutrition
And the number one metaphor for life in Port Charles
 1) Miguel's contract - Life is just something you have
    to try and put up with for a few years
"I'll be leaving in three months, no six many months are there in year again?" -- Miguel Morez (Okay, not really:-)
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