Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways General Hospital Could Do Better In The Ratings

10) Miguel taken out and shot for the cold-blooded murder of
    the English tongue
 9) Two words: kinky sex
 8) Tony develops a stand-up routine
 7) Puppy Raoul is possessed by the Devil; attacks Mother
    Nature's own Garbage Disposal and tears up the
    Quartermaine's best divan
 6) Love triangle with Kevin, Lucy and... Sigmund
 5) Garcia finally busts the notorious Prostitution Ring;
    Audrey and her nurses. (Yes, imagine Amy in even more
 3) Mysterious cow mutilations near Toxic Incinerator
 2) Ryan gets tired of Canada
And the number one way General Hospital could do better in
the ratings:
 1) Cast Kato Kaelin as brilliant new brain surgeon
"Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking." -- The Scarecrow ~Wizard Of Oz~
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