Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Get Sonny In Trouble With Brenda

10) Not having breakfast ready when she gets up
 9) Moving his lips when he reads
 8) Going along with Luke's Majorly Dumb Plans
 7) Her finding out he's only pretending to like her pet
 6) Using too much garlic in the pasta
 5) Talking in Spanish in his sleep
 4) Being in the same country with Lily
 3) Talking to Harry (The Omniscient Harry; Praise be to
    Harry) about "Spirit Guide" matters and then not
    explaining why she can't join this new age discussion
 2) Not being able to read her mind
And the number one thing that gets Sonny in trouble with
 1) Breathing
"Stuff a mattress with me, will she?" -- The Scarecrow ~Wizard of OZ~
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