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Madame Maia's Top Ten Amazing Predictions For Port Charles

10) Katherine will eat out a lot.... and it won't be pretty
 9) Audrey will lock her keys in the car
 8) PCU Football team will fail to make it to the Rose
    Bowl... again
 7) Tom; has a very black aura, he is going to... insult
 6) Miguel will sing the whoooolllle song at the Nurses'
 5) Sonny, a swirling red aura, yes, he's ready to hurt
    someone, I'm not getting a name here, but this person
    mumbles terribly.  Yes, I see great bodily harm
 4) Bobbie will need a slappin'
 3) PCPD will solve a hundred percent more crimes this year;
 2) ELQ; profits up, body count down
And Madame Maia's number one amazing prediction for Port
 1) A certain psychic better leave town... very quickly
    after her con is done
"We can't do these things without reaching out into the infinite." -- Prof. Marvel ~Wizard of OZ~
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