Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Mac Scorpio Does To Relieve The Boredom

10) Puts laxatives in the drinks at the Outback
 9) Calls up the PCPD and pretend to be the ghost of Robert
 8) Trys to think up ways to out wit Robin
 7) Buys a twelve pack of Foster's Lager and settles in for
    an Abbott and Costello film festival
 6) Pretends his next door neighbor is a serial killer
 5) Puts on deer stalker cap and poses in front of the
 4) Calls Kevin to propose... again
 3) Thinks of new reasons why he doesn't like Stone
 2) Watches reruns of Werewolf
And the number one thing that Mac Scorpio does to relieve
the boredom
 1) Sheep mutilations
"That's how we laugh the day away in the merry old land of Oz." -- Emerald City Residents ~Wizard of OZ~
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