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Top Ten Reasons Bobbie Isn't Chairing The Nurses Ball This Year

10) No longer passionately desires the man financing
    the Ball
 9) Audrey forgot Bobbie's phone number and never
    contacted her about it
 8) Bobbie Slappin' Drill Team catering the affair
 7) Couldn't afford to bail Tony out of jail again
 6) Wicked Witch role already taken
 5) Lucy locked her in a closet when it came time for
    choosing the chairs
 4) Couldn't relate to the concept of Talent
 3) Too busy feeling sorry for herself and making catty
 2) Psychic advised her not to
And the number one reason Bobbie isn't chairing the Nurses'
Ball this year:
 1) Still dealing with silicone induced hallucinations
"Bang on my chest if you think I'm perfect." -- The Tin Woodman ~Wizard of OZ~
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