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Top Ten Reasons A.J. Has Trouble Getting A Date

10) Girls get nervous when he whips out the pre-nuptial
    agreement before the date
 9) Compared to the Quartermaine's the Borgias were
 8) Insists on introducing all potential dates to Cook
 7) No fun if you can't steal them from your relatives
 6) Garlic-breath
 5) Girls not impressed by the "I'm-a-really-rich-jerk"
    approach any more
 4) His scintillating Dinner Conversation
 3) Still secretly yearning for Jagger
 2) Sends Reginald to escort his dates in, and never
    sees them again
And the number one reason A.J. has trouble getting a date:
 1) Using Alan as a role-model
"Are you hinting my apples aren't what they ought to be?" -- The Apple Tree ~Wizard of OZ~
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