Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Ryan's Going To Do WHEN He's Found Innocent

10) Water plants; the ones that haven't died.
 9) Clean out refrigerator; bean dip looks dangerous.
 8) Install new security system; Saw Mac and Sean buying
 7) Put in application at Mercy Hospital; Don't put Steve
    Hardy down as a reference.
 6) Send thank you notes to the jury.
 5) Say scary things to Jessica: watch her squirm.
 4) Call Meg and Amy, hang up.
 3) Put lawyer Jon Russell on retainer.
 2) Plant another rose garden for Felicia; buy bullet proof
And the number one thing Ryan's going to do WHEN he's found
 1) Watch tape Lydia sent him of Star Trek: The Next
    Generation season-ending cliffhanger.
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