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Top Ten Things That Should Have Tipped Maria Off That She Wasn't In A Lassie Episode

10) Color, not black and white
 9) When she calls Timmy in for supper, Tony comes
 8) They won't let her use a rifle now
 7) Bobbie bursts in every five minutes to see who Tony's
 6) Dubious family values
 5) Felicia knows the difference between a cheese slicer
    and a c-clamp
 4) Timmy - G.I. Joe, Maxie - Bimba
 3) Grandmother of an Aztec Princess
 2) Foster's name and address on his tag
And the number one thing that should have tipped Maria off
that she wasn't in a Lassie Episode
 1) Georgie.... possessed!
"Hey, girl, are you trying to tell me something?" -- Maria, Felicia's Grandmother
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