Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Lies Sonny Tells Brenda

10) I like Miguel's singing, really, I do
 9) There's nothing to worry about
 8) Lily is a fascinating conversationalist
 7) That machine gun in the closet is for squirrel huntin'
 6) I'd love to play Babaloo! at the next Nurses' Ball
 5) I can't wait to see the movie... what was it again?
    ....Bridges Of Madison County.  My favorite
 4) Sure, Honey, I'd love some more of your pancakes
 3) No, it doesn't bother me when you dance with Miguel like
    that.  Why should it bother me?
 2) Cows are my favorite farm animal
And the number one lie Sonny tells Brenda:
 1) I wouldn't lie to you
"Don't you trust me?" -- Sonny
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