Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Might Surprise Emily About Her New Family

10) Jason, "the good son", product of his father's illicit
    affair with Susan Moore.... fifteen years ago
 9) Lila's growing alcohol dependency
 8) Q's now employ a food taster... Reginald looks
 7) The Christmas train ritual
 6) Knows Alan thinks he's a bear; doesn't know that
    Ned IS a weasal
 5) Monica's diary
 4) Edward's collection of hotel shower caps
 3) A.J. actually the least ruthless member of the family
 2) Tracy
And the number one thing that might surprise Emily about her
new family
 1) Skeletons in the closet... literally
"Is that what happens in this family when you make a mistake?" -- Emily Bowen soon-to-be Quartermaine
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