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Top Ten Things That Put Alan In The Doghouse with Monica

10) She asked for apple juice; he brought her orange juice
 9) His rapport with children and small furry animals
 8) Him taking advantage of Bobbie's... friendship
 7) Always asks her if her purse is too heavy but never
    offers to carry it. (Bad back, you know)
 6) He forgets which one of them had affairs with whom when
    they have heated arguments
 5) He insists on ogling Ginger when they watch "Gilligan's
 4) That silly story he sometimes tells her about being
    imbued with psychic abilities by Tibetan monks
 3) Every time A.J. does something stupid Alan says "stray
    Rick genes"
 2) His humming those damn "Cinderella" tunes
And the number one thing that puts Alan in the doghouse with
 1) Hesitating before he chooses a name in that passionate
"Ten minutes ago I saw you..." Prince Charming ~Cinderella~
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