Top Ten Lists

Lois' Top Ten Problems At L&B

10) Mary Mae's groupies camping on the front lawn
 9) No Spanish interpreter
 8) The rest of "The Idle Rich" are restless on weekdays
 7) Caught Donevan, the engineer, with illegal substances
 6) She keeps finding Jenny/Ned memorabilia tucked in odd
    corners. ("And what did they do with these spurs!?")
 5) Really hard to get insurance with Sonny as a partner
 4) She told Ned she needed a new speaker, and he brought
    home Newt Gingrich
 3) Every day, same thing; show Brenda how coffee-maker
 2) Miguel bursts into tears every time someone mentions
    Lily's name or takes away his microphone
And Lois' number one problem at L&B:
 1) Having trouble making head-severing special effect seem
    realistic in music video
"I've been bursting to tell someone what the party favors are." -- Lois
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