Top Ten Lists

Kevin's Top Ten Duties As The New Head Of Psychiatry At GH

10) Leading the monthly sing-a-longs
 9) Gently hinting to Tony that he might be a few sandwiches
    short of a picnic
 8) Keeping sharp objects away from Amy
 7) Turning ominous music on and off
 6) Seeing if city water supply could be responsible for
    recent epidemic of public stupidity
 5) Polishing Steve's paperweight
 4) Frightening the patients into paying their bills
 3) Planning Audrey's retirement party
 2) Checking all of Tom's prescriptions for spelling errors
And Kevin's number one duty as the new head of Psychiatry at
 1) Keeping Lucy entertained, off the streets and out of
"How many cups of research have you had?" -- Dr. Kevin Collins
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