Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons That Sly Hasn't Been On

10) Had to take up mowing lawns when Lucky insisted his
    stock in "Mother Nature's Own Garbage Disposal" had
    to be reinvested into the business
 9) Joined a local gang and changed his name to Tito
 8) Has a crush on Lily and is spending his entire summer
    studying Spanish
 7) Jenny and Paul have joined a religious cult and right
    now Sly is being brainwashed
 6) Sly discovered he was allergic to french mastiffs
 5) Down in the catacombs trying to rescue Brenda, Lucy,
    and other females
 4) Following in his father's footsteps he has joined the
    merchant marines
 3) Busy plotting how to reacquire the ELQ stock Jenny sold
    out from under him
 2) He's at WSB Summer camp learning to blow up bridges
And the number one reason that Sly hasn't been on
 1) Fighting off SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome)
"You should never assume anything. You taught me that." -- Lucky Spencer
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