Top Ten Lists

Mike's Top Ten Pick Up Lines

10) I've paid my debt to society
 9) You remind me of my first wife... hot-blooded, beautiful and always ticked
    at me
 8) I've never made a firm commitment to a woman in my life. (This one
    doesn't work for him either)
 7) My son is a cold-hearted gangster... I need a hug
 6) I'm available for parties
 5) I have a heart condition and a Swiss bank account
 4) The gambling's in the back room, but you should take a chance on me
 3) I can mix a pina colada like you would not believe
 2) Wanna see my war wound
And Mike's number one pick up line:
 1) You'll regret it.  Maybe not today; maybe not tomorrow, but someday and
    for the rest of your life
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