Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Additional Bad Things That Could Happen To Stone

10) Stone loses his hearing
 9) Alan and Kevin become too wrapped up in their own
    problems to worry about Stone
 8) Sonny sent up the river (or in it)
 7) Confined to Hospital bed; forced to watch NBC Soaps
    by non-discriminating roommate
 6) Stone dies of AIDS, but comes back as a vampire
 5) Mike reveals that he is also Stone's real father (Cates
    was yet another alias)
 4) Mac gets touchy feely
 3) Robin reveals to Stone that she has the "Scorpio Curse"
    placed on the Scorpio family by an Aborigine shaman
    shortly after they emigrated to Australia.  The curse
    dooms anyone they love to terribly melodramatic deaths.
    And should she have mentioned this earlier?
 2) Sweeps month coming early
And the number one additional bad thing that could happen to
 1) Cure for AIDS discovered just in time to save his life;
    ten seconds later the world is destroyed by the alien
    Vogons putting in an interstellar off-ramp
"And if you're very lucky, I'll read you some of my poetry first." -- Vogon Captain
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