Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Excuses Bobbie And Alan Will Have When Tony And Monica Bust 'Em

10) Rochester seminar reconveneing at CATS matinee
 9) Possessed by demons
 8) Consciences destroyed by hormones
 7) Bobbie lost her map to Rochester
 6) Alan thought Bobbie was an Endocrinologist
 5) Trying to get away from the contaminated water in PC
 4) Alan couldn't take anymore of Monica's abuse; at least
    not without spiked heels and leather
 3) Tony served meatloaf one too many times
 2) It's all Lucy's fault
And the number one excuse Bobbie and Alan will have when
Tony and Monica bust 'em:
 1) What were they SUPPOSED to use for brains?
"Shame on you, Barabara Jean Spencer Jones!" -- Lucy
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