Top Ten Lists

Top Ten People Who Might Be Monica's Secret Admirer

10) Alan; misaddressed packages meant to send them to
 9) Ryan; getting really bored in Canada
 8) Ned; and he's lying about it just to keep in practicef
 7) Tom Hardy; Monica's the real reason he came back to
    Port Charles
 6) Kevin; well, he could have painted the portrait. (Though
    we'd have expected mushrooms sprouting out of her head
    if he had)
 5) Miguel; now feels he's far enough away to safely express
    his true desires
 4) Reginald; Italian Poetry, you bet; Artistic, yup; saved
    all year for the necklace
 3) Sonny; Lily just not enough to satisfy him
 2) Tony; how do you like it when your spouse is romancing
    your "best friend" Bobbie?
And the number one person who might be Monica's Secret
 1) Sigmund; wants Monica to adopt him if Mommy and Daddy
    don't get back together
"Quack, quack, quack,quackquackquaackquackquack." -- Sigmund
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