Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We Desperately Miss Miguel

10) The eeire silence upstairs at Kelly's
 9) No seasonal murder mystery with our favorite victim
 8) Now so few opportunities to brush up on our Spanish
    insult hurling
 7) Miguel/Ruby romance now out of the question
 6) No one to interject "mumble, mumble, mumble, que?" when
    it needs to be said
 5) Now Officer Johnson will have to empty the bed pans at
    GH, and serve drinks at the Outback, and maybe get a
    record contract
 4) Brenda gets so pathetic and hangs all over Sonny when
    she's not getting any
 3) The Q boys hair flippin' skills are so weak, nobody to
    pick up the slack
 2) Mac is inconsolable
And the number one reason we desperately miss Miguel:
 1) There'll be no more Tricky Miggy to kick around anymore
"And you had Miguel." -- Stone Cates
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