Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Bobbie Has To Be Grateful For

10) Didn't manage to lose her job due to her dismal
    behavior in the last two years
 9) Likely to keep Brownstone in any divorce settlement
 8) Alan wasn't serious about a relationship
 7) Fantastic sale on Oreo cookies-n-creme Ice Cream
 6) Not constricted by tightly held morals
 5) Miguel has left town
 4) Laura choosing to ignore her spiteful sister-in-law
 3) Lucas still doesn't know the meanings of many
    words applied to Bobbie
 2) Boobie slapping drill team at the Gangster Hideaway
    for Thanksgiving
And the number one thing Bobbie has to be grateful for:
 1) Tony no longer sharpening his scalpel in the kitchen
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