Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Give Ryan "Terrible Pounding Headaches"

10) Waiting eight weeks in jail for a three day trial.
 9) Monthly billing reports; can never get them done on
 8) Telephones that won't stop ringing.
 7) Getting Jon Russell's bill.
 6) Jessica doesn't get his jokes.
 5) Felicia doesn't either.
 4) Projector lights and Felicia's disembodied voice.
 3) Spray paint fumes.
 2) In court:  Bobbie sitting behind him; his trial and
    he gets no dialogue; Mac snapping his bubble gum;
    three day trial anticlimatic after gaslighting;
    Felicia won't stop staring at him.
And the number one thing that gives Ryan a "Terrible
Pounding Headache":
 1) The song "Weak for Love".
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